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True Love? Pt.5

Parents continued to talk about Silver, until they heard something breaking, mom ran to the stairs and when he got the living room on the ground saw Blaze laughing and Silver

still on the sofa laughing  too and a cup broken

Blaze looked up and saw her mother with a serious look

"Hi hehe" Blaze said with a small laugh

"What happened?" Mae asked, helping Blaze get up

"We were just talking" Blaze said trying to not laugh

"So, how does the cup broken?"

"I do not know"

"You know what to do, go get the shovel and the broom!"

"Ohhh" Blaze said a little sad, but ,when Blaze turn around, she saw the broom and the shovel with a blue aura around, in her front "What the....?!?"Blaze said scared

Mother pulled Blaze at hereto keep away Blaze from it, but Blaze noticed Silver's hand, it was also with the blue aura, but shortly thereafter disappeared

"Sorry, I was just try to help" Silver said

"Wait! It was you?"Mother asked

"Yeah, that's my power"

"That's your power? Cool!"Blaze said excited

"what can you do more?"Blaze said walking to Silver

"Well hmm..."Silver started to make some dolls blue playing with his form and Blaze "Wow awesome "Let me try too!"Blaze said  excited

"Easy there! Blaze you know that your power is different, you have to be more careful."Mom said stopping Blaze "And you know that you still can't control it"

"Yeah, you right "Blaze said sad

"What's you power?"Silver asked



Blaze and her mother were admired at hearing that

"What?!"Silver ask confused

"Most children do not play with her because she burn they..."Mom said

"Hehe" Silver gave a small laugh

"....And also becuse she's a princess,so they are with fear...."

"Wait! You are a princess?!" Silver ask,pointed to Blaze


"That mean's you are a....?"Silver pointed to Blaze's mother


Silver to hear that was so shocked, that fainting

Blaze and her mother ran to him,see what happened.

"Silver!"Mother said but no answer

"God,you kill him"Blaze said

"What?! No I didn't. You're crazy!"

"What's happening?"Father said coming the living room

"Mom kill Silver"Blaze answer


"No,I didn't!he is just swoon"Mother said

"Wait here"Father was to the kitchen and brought a cup of water

"What is that for?"Blaze ask

"You'll see"

Father arrived at the foot of Silver poured water on him

Silver woke up coughing "It's cold!"

"See?"Father ask joking with Blaze


"Now Silver,you need taking medications for you to heal faster...."Father said at the same time that he take a box with a bottle inside

"Medications?Seriously?"Silver said

"Why?What's wrong?"Blaze ask

"I don't like so much that"

"But you have to"Mother said

"I know"Silver said sad

"Blaze,can you get me a spoon?"Father ask

"Yep!"Blaze ran to the kitchen and get the spoon and come back to the living room

"Thank you"Father said

When father put near the mouth spoon, Silver did exactly the opposite, he moved away from the spoon

"Come on,Silver"

Silver shook his head

"You want to be good, or not?"

"Yes I want"

"So you have to take it!"

"Ok.....",Silver opened his mouth, and father put the spoon inside Silver's mouth and Silver swallowed the liquid,after that,Silver's face was cloying.

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Nice! I'll be looking forward to the rest :aww:
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Silvazefan1999 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2012  Student General Artist
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no prob ^^
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